About Philosophical Library

phliFounded in 1941 by Romanian-born philosopher and scholar Dagobert D. Runes, Philosophical Library is a small publishing company with an original aim to publish the great works of the brilliant European intellectuals Runes admired and had befriended, many of whom had fled to America in the 1930s. These were the distinguished men and women who gave birth to the remarkable ideas that helped to define the 20th century.

For over seventy years, Philosophical Library has been a consistent and reliable source for serious readers, libraries, academic institutions, and booksellers worldwide. We have published more than 2,000 titles, with a focus on psychology, philosophy, religion, and history.

Philosophical Library is the home of twenty-two Nobel Prize winners and has published works by the most eminent minds of our time. Among our bestselling books are Out of my Later Years by Albert Einstein, Tears and Laughter by Kahlil Gibran, Classical Mathematics by Max Planck, and Jean-Paul Sartre’s magnum opus Being and Nothingness.

Nobel Prize Winners Published by Philosophical Library


Theodor Mommsen (1902)
Maurice Maeterlinck (1911)
Rabindranath Tagore (1913)
Romain Rolland (1915)
George Bernard Shaw (1925)
Henri Bergson (1927)
Andre Gide (1947)
Bertrand Russell (1952)
Francois Mauriac (1952)
Boris L. Pasternak (1958)
Jean-Paul Sartre (1964)


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937)


Irving Langmuir (1932)
William Nunn Lipscomb (1976)


Albert Schweitzer (1952)


Marie Curie (1903)
Max K.E.L. Planck (1918)
Albert Einstein (1921)
Sir Chandrasekhara V. Raman (1930)
Werner Heisenberg (1932)
Percy Williams Bridgman (1946)
Chen Ning Yang (1957)

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