Philosophical Library would like to wish a happy 155th to Alfred North Whitehead

Today, Philosophical Library would like to wish a happy 155th birthday to noted philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead. Born in England on February 15, 1961, Alfred began his academic career at one of the top public schools in his country, Sherborne. At Sherborne School, he displayed a talent for sports and mathematics. Years later in 1880, he attended Trinity College in Cambridge where his aptitude for math flourished. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and went on to teach mathematics and physics until 1910 at the very college he studied as a student. After serving his position at Trinity College, Alfred accepted a position as a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Imperial College of London. There, he took on many administrative roles until his departure for the United States in 1924.

As his time in England came to an end, Alfred began turning his interest over to philosophy and published his own work on the subject. After serving as president of the Aristotelian Society, he was asked to take the position as a Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University where he would go on to teach and publish some of his most noted philosophical writings.

Alfred North Whitehead is known for his contributions to mathematics and philosophy. A collection of his writings has been compiled into his book Science and Philosophy where he shares his views on the topics of philosophy, education and science. His stance on these subjects are covered in depth as well as his own personal reflections which can be read within the pages of the first three chapters. To learn more about and purchase this title, please click here.

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